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About TOBS

The Oklahoma Bluebird Society is an organization of, by, and for volunteers engaged exclusively for charitable, educational, conservation, and scientific purposes.  We are dedicated to preserving and restoring the Eastern Bluebird population in the U.S. 

We do this by building, selling, erecting, monitoring, and servicing Bluebird nest boxes and nest box trails.  We give educational presentations, support other Bluebird and conservation organizations, and contribute to scientific research.

Officers & Directors
  • President
       Debra Zink, 405-314-2480,


  • Vice-President
       Bradley Williams  


  • Secretary
       June Christino


  • Treasurer
       Raymond Brady, 918-859-4134


  • Directors
    Mike Schrick

  •    Helen Vaslavsky

  • Newsletter Editor
       Debra Zink

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